Northern Pass Reverberations

Northern Pass Reverberations

As I sat in a meeting organized by the Live Free or Fry group for people who oppose the Northern Pass Project, I realized that keeping each other well will be an even more challenging task if the Pass goes through. An important health factor has to do with our sense of belonging. We need to safeguard our health by joining our efforts together.

 It’s not just the physical/medical problems the Pass will stimulate. We also have to add in the emotional, occupational, recreational and real estate concerns that will affect our health and well being. 

The threat of the Pass is already impacting the building trades. People who have bought property near potential Pass sites, some after years of planning and saving, have put their building projects on hold. We’re already feeling the effects of a potential blight. 

Real estate values next to the power line, already threatened, would vanish. Anyone living near a line whose current job is transferred would be put in the situation of selling low ( if they are lucky enough to even sell), and buying high elsewhere, to find a home of comparable value. Would families be able to afford new opportunities, even within the state, if they could not transfer equal equity?

 What would be the emotional load of people having to deal with increased medical problems and financial inability to move? How many families would end up broken or destroyed? What will happen to the B&Bs and recreation businesses if vacationers would rather kayak, hike, swim, and ski in pristine areas away from power lines?

 How many recreation industry jobs would dry up as people take their business elsewhere? Would the AT, which draws thousands of section and thru hikers each year, need to be rerouted so people can hike in safety? How much would that project cost?

 The Northern Pass project will not bring more power to NH, nor will it decrease the current rates; in Northern NH we’re already paying through the nose on that one! It will put a serious dent in our vital tourist business while ballooning up health expenses. If the Northern Pass folks had our best interests at heart, they’d be putting the line underground or underwater through Lake Champlain and the Hudson.

 It’s time to join together and speak out. Each homemade sign declares our solidarity, our need to keep each other informed; so that we can stop the Pass and continue to Live Free, Healthy and Well.


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