Accentuate the Positive

Food, Inc. continues to air its message since the film first stunned Americans in 2008 with a wide eyed look at the effect that chemical companies, especially Monsanto, are having on our food chain.

 The good news is that Americans are beginning to wake up, and the rest of the world in general also seems to be waking up when it comes to determining who controls the growing and managing of our food supply, even as our own government is slow to represent us.

 Today, there is more concern that workers have healthy conditions in which to do their jobs. Abattoirs are cleaning up their act. They’ve come a long way since Upton Sinclair, and later Jeremy Rifkin, wrote about abysmal conditions for man and beast, especially in the beef industry. Vegans are also concerned that the folks who harvest their fruits and veggies work under healthy conditions. The bottom line = healthier food choices for all of us.

 But Beware! Because our government subsidizes the corn sugar in them, ongoing sales for the food and drinks that keep us sick are priced cheaply. Some people think they cannot afford to buy foods that are free of chemicals and additives. Yet health care is not free and getting sick means paying for medication, losing work time, risking expensive hospital stays and having little energy for daily living– not exactly cheaper than eating fresh food, free of chemicals, that can keep us healthy from the get go.

 Can a can of soda really compete with an apple, a peach or some other piece of fruit? Yet the soda costs more! The soda not only lacks nutritional value; its can adds to the solid waste we generate, as do the prepackaged foods in endless layers of wrappers, and oversized containers. Sodas generate tooth decay, dental bills, diabetes, obesity, weak bones, and you name it. They don’t generate reliable energy.

 Here’s to making sure we continue to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative, and don’t mess with Mister In-Between.


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