Stopping NP Is Just the First Step to Reclaiming Our Health

I attended what was billed as an informative presentation by PSNH promoting the Northern Pass Project, held at the Campton Elementary School. As it turned out, the only people who seemed to understand the potential impact of the NP on New Hampshire were sitting in the audience. Following their talk, the presenters prefaced their response to most questions with variations of, “I’m not qualified to answer that question; I’ll have to pass it on to one of our experts.” 

One astute homeowner, who uses no public utilities, was concerned that towers would go right through his property, ruining both his view and property value. The real irony here is that this homeowner uses solar energy and has no wires running to his house. His reward for his minimal impact on the environment would be to have as his view, huge, ugly towers that have nothing positive to do with New Hampshire, much less him. The PSNH presenters suggested to him that if he gave them a wider right of way, the towers wouldn’t have to be 135’ high!!! A long moan from the audience followed. 

On the  website, Campbell McLaren, MD has a series of articles on the potential health effects of the pass. He noted that “in the Myth & Fact section of the Northern Pass flyer, there is no mention of health risks. They cannot tell us that it is not harmful.” In addition, the projected NP is scheduled to pass within 600 feet of several schools. Is this what we want on our watch?

 Step two will be our efforts to figure out how we can actively pursue other ways of obtaining the energy we need that are in harmony with the environment. We know that above ground power lines are bad news as research continues to link them to more health problems for both humans and wildlife, as well as the storm dangers they bring.

 NH is a spunky state where pioneers like this homeowner continue to try new ways, have less interest in keeping up with the Joneses and more interest in living in harmony with other people and the critters.

 The Northern Pass may just be the pivotal point at which we recognize that we need to wake up and take a good look at the so-called amenities that are threatening our health and well being. The more we can all pitch in to this effort to Stop the Pass, and effectively speak up about our common concerns at our March Town Meetings, and Scoping Meetings, the better prepared we’ll be for whatever next steps we need to take.


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