Statewide Support Needed to Stop Northern Pass

While it is heartening to see solidarity for stopping the Northern Pass Project among towns bordering the proposed Pass, in order to convince Gov. Lynch to veto the NP, people in towns all over NH need to send in their votes to Stop the Pass.

 While proponents claim it would be too costly to bury the Pass, this week I received the third expensive, (definitely not green) flyer from Northern Pass headquarters depicting happy people at work and play in NH, thanks to the Northern Pass. There certainly seems to be lots of money to spend on advertising, and nothing to spend on burying the line.

 If the Pass goes through, folks may not look so happy – not just because they are guaranteed to lose their job in 3 years, but because their health problems and expenses will stretch their already strained budgets and lifestyle. Please note: on the NP Myths and Facts page, the NP people cannot claim the Pass will not cause health problems.

 Also note the fine print on the glossy, highfalutin flyer. “Any potential reductions or increases in other property values as a result of the addition of NPT are not covered in this report.” My, what a lot of fuzzy areas!

 Then, there’s the picture of a couple of kids playing catch and another of an energetic classroom. For me, those pictures are reminders that the Pass plans to pass close by several schools, exposing lots of our children to electromagnetic radiation that can stimulate health problems for them.

 Here’s a fuzzy area that’s not noted: Requests for tax abatements for property already threatened, when granted, will raise taxes for other owners. 

Given that Gov. Lynch will veto the Pass ONLY If THE MAJORITY OF NH VOTERS SPEAK UP, it’s time to act. Our ability to keep each other well depends also on our efforts to convince friends and family in other parts of the state to let the governor know we ALL don’t want it in NH; we want to claim our health, not threaten it.

 Here’s how you can be part of this effort to claim health for all of us: Contact Gov.Lynch at 1-800-852-3456 or 271-2121.  Keep up to date with what’s happening and how we can each help at


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