Lupine Health Alert!

A friend and I eagerly set out for the Lupine Festival at Sugar Hill to breathe in the abundant fields of wild lupine, savor Polly’s Pancakes, and be enriched by the work of gifted artisans on display in various tents set up in town.

 As we neared town, it was eerie to see all the STOP NORTHERN PASS signs posted by residents to sound the alarm. Clearly, the lupines signal one more place we treasure that is being threatened by the proposed NP route. Lupine colors were vibrant today, thriving in rich, wet, pristine soil, unique to the area. What a feast for the eyes! What inspiration they bring for new life, and a hope that we’ll continue to be able to savor these pockets of wonder throughout our state.

 Yet, what an aching fear that this may all be destroyed because enough of us did not stand up and say, “NO!” long enough. We tend to focus on the obvious greed of Hydro Quebec and cite the rampant destruction they are exacting on their own province as Canadians try to stop HQ and save their beautiful area.

 But, there’s something closer to home we need to be looking at. Much of the dilemma we face today is due to our own greed about wanting more of everything. More food, bigger portions, and bigger shopping carts have brought us more obesity, more costly and bigger seats for auditoriums, cars, restaurants, and furniture; more cardiac and orthopedic problems. More sugar has brought us more diabetes, more bone loss, more pharmacy bills, more vision and dental problems. More technological gadgets have brought us more distracted attention spans, more tension to keep up with the latest, more financial strain, more threats to our environment. The list goes on.

 When something like the Northern Pass Project looms up, we may feel less than full energy to resist the phony baubles of empty advertizing promises. If we want to enjoy robust health, the NP is just one challenge on our list of potential ailments. Perhaps the question is: Do we believe that robust health is a realistic possibility for all of us? I think it is and the lupine flowers inspire me to reach for that kind of health, and hang onto it. What do you think?



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