Picking Blueberries and Sifting

It was a cinch to pick two buckets of blueberries early one morning this week. The heat had kept people away earlier and the berries, unlike the rest of us, just ripened and became sweeter in the heat wave. It was a relaxing, soothing, delicious hour of setting aside wholesome provisions for winter energy.

 This simple task was welcome, easy to figure out. What’s not so easy is figuring out the rest of life. What I can’t understand is how people in the top echelons of income in the US can be so insensitive to the needs of citizens in general in this country, why they don’t want the satisfaction of helping to spread the wealth so that it can truly be said that the US cares for its citizens. Instead, the US seems to be following the route that has, over time, ended so many other countries up in the desperation of revolution.

 It’s hard to figure out what’s what from the internet. I’m trying to get a handle on Smart Meters and it’s an uphill struggle, fraught with misinformation and shaky claims on the part of people opposed to Smart Meters. As I separate the sensational information from beneficial claims, I am not finding reliable research against the use of Smart Meters. Sloppy research leaves me suspicious of its validity.

 Some readers and researchers have suggested that hacker access will continue to be a challenging problem to stay on top of, as it is now with the internet. The unknown cost is also a concern. When the power company switches from flat rate to billing by time, some will save; many people will pay more. In some cases, it may be twice as much. There should be a planned rate structure with Smart Meters that is published to say where they are going.

 It would be great if we could just pick blueberries and raise a few tomatoes and greens and rest assured that our elected officials would keep everyone’s best interests foremost.

None of us can afford to be that naïve with any confidence that our health will not be jeopardized.

 Some issues, like the health hazards Northern Pass will create, are clear.  We have over 25 years of solid research to back up responsible opposition since Robert Becker, an orthopedist, began studying the effects of electric currents on fracture healing in the sixties. He thought at first that electric currents would be a boon to bone healing. What he learned through his research alarmed him enough to warn the public with both his best selling Body Electric (1985) and Cross Currents (1990). Since then, researchers have continued to confirm the health hazards generated by electromagnetic fields.

 Other issues, like Smart Meters, need open-eyed, reliable review to know what action, if any, is needed to keep each other well.


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