Forget That Diet and Eat What You Need: Don’t Stir Up the Whole Pot

When I read different biases about all the foods that are targeted to keep us healthy, I am overwhelmed by long lists. Here’s where you get your B vitamins; here’s where you keep a check on cholesterol; here’s how to recharge your libido…. Somehow, we are supposed to assimilate these lists.

 I’ve gone so far as to sometimes put a list on a sticky in my cupboard or on the stove hood as a reminder. The only thing I can guarantee from those lists is that I avoid looking at them after they’re up – sort of a ‘if you want me, come get me’ approach.

 The Tao is big on keeping things simple. I can relate to, “Don’t stir up the whole pot!” If we threw all the recommendations into one pot, I cringe to think what that conglomeration would look like. Or, if we decide to change several things in our diet at once: same thing.

 The most common challenge my clients have noted is drinking enough water – not soda, coffee, tea or juices (which people seem to have no problem remembering to drink.) I am amazed at what else falls into place when we drink 6-8 glasses of straight water a day. It’s not just a matter of keeping ourselves hydrated, while that is especially important in hot weather when we have to remember to take it everywhere to keep from passing out. We need water to mix with our food so that the food is diluted enough to pass through the wall of our small intestine and on to the liver’s clearing house and then to the heart, our main distribution center.

 The Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine considers the digestive tract the seat of all illness and clearing the tract is step one in the treatment of any condition. Whatever we do to keep everything humming along through the tract helps. If the digestive tract can’t hum, neither can our circulation system or any other system in our bodies.

 When coffee and tea are set up on a buffet, a new wrinkle is to also have a couple of pitchers of water offered as well. People are beginning to value the benefits of water.

Several readers liked my column on salt because it helped them stave off colds and flu. Who knows? By using simple remedies like salt and water to best advantage we may just have the healthiest summer ever! Keep your comments coming.


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