Northern Pass AC-DC Question

Europe runs on HVDC (high voltage direct current) lines, which are reputed to cause less harm than HVAC (alternating, oscillating current) here in the US.

 With HVAC, according to Susan Schibanoff, editor of the BuryNorthernPass blog, “the oscillation ‘throws off’ more EMF (electromagnetic frequency) than direct current. The fear is: what happens when AC and DC lines run in close proximity (as in NP towers). Is there an augmentation effect?”

 The fact that we don’t know, “what happens when,” is a wake up call to us to do our homework on this issue before any project is started. Significantly, the Myth and Fact Section of NP flyers doesn’t mention health risks. The Proposed Northern Pass Project cannot tell us that the pass is not harmful to our health.

  In Europe, there are laws in place governing high voltage lines. In Spain, they are prohibited near residential areas and achools. In Sweden, there are no houses within 330’ of lines and no schools near power lines. In the UK, homes have to be built 450’ from overhead lines. The proposed NP route passes several NH schools in close proximity.

 Before we even consider a putting in such a line, these parameters need to be in place in New Hampshire. We can’t afford to think about keeping well as an individual choice; if we want to be well, we need to do all we can collectively to make certain that we keep each other well.


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