Fox Wisdom and Corporate Greed

Driving down Route 3 one morning, well ahead of me, a red fox sprang out of the brush, leaped over a pile of stones, and floated across the road, barely touching ground before leaping over a stone wall and on into safe woods.

 I marveled at its lithe body, well oiled joints, synchronized strength, rich color, high energy, and clarity of movement. And I thought, Yes! those are the qualities most of us would like to have: to be sure of our direction, alert, and ready for whatever life presents.

 We humans seem to have roadblocks that get in the way of developing such qualities.

 We worry about corporate greed and its web in every direction. This week, the dairy industry was helped by the L.A. Sherriff’s office, the CDC and the FDA to squelch raw milk producers and people who want to raise grass fed cows; another week, it’s Montsanto vs. seed savers; yet another week, it’s high voltage towers vs. underground and alternative sources of energy, and the list goes on.

 Let’s just look at two of the obstacles confronting us. First is the private buyer’s club in California that contracted with dairy farmers to raise grass fed cattle and provide members with raw milk products. Because it is illegal to sell raw milk in CA, their private club was vandalized by L.A. police at gunpoint and produce was willfully destroyed. Yet the private buyer’s club wasn’t selling anything to the public.

 What is overlooked in such reports is the WHY behind people’s choice for raw milk products and grass fed cattle.

 Today lactose intolerance affects 25% of Americans. In the early 1900s, poor sanitation in collecting and distributing milk caused serious bacterial outbreaks. Pasteurization was hailed as the magic cure (and it was!) because it killed harmful bacteria. It also killed the lactase and other enzymes that make milk digestible. Without lactase, many people, especially children who are introduced to pasteurized cow’s milk too soon, are unable to digest milk and become lactose intolerant. Today’s sanitary measures eliminate the need for pasteurization. However, because corporate cows are injected with hormones to boost milk production, they regularly develop mastitis (infected udders), their milk is infected and needs pasteurization.

 Homogenized milk was also patented around 1900 so that the cream wouldn’t separate out and have to be shaken up every time milk was poured. The problem here is that before milk was homogenized, the cream molecule was so large, it wouldn’t pass through the wall of the human small intestine to be absorbed by the body. It just moved on out as waste. For years, we had a choice and most of us drank pasteurized milk.  By the 1960s, it became difficult to buy anything but homogenized milk.

With homogenization, milk is spun to break up the fat molecule to such tiny particles that they ALL can be easily absorbed through the intestinal wall and contribute to today’s obesity problem. Much research warning us of the potential for plaque lined arteries and obesity was discredited. Today, we just need to look around to see that the research was right on.

 By pasteurizing and homogenizing milk, with additives, it has a much longer shelf  life. There is no need to use it within 3 days; it can sit for weeks on the shelf with few people aware that much of its vitality has been destroyed. We pay pretty heavy dues for such corporate profit.

 Yet, we rarely find anything in the news about the dark side of dairy regulations.

 Another obstacle to keeping each other well is finding the results of reliable research. Every time researchers have found that electromagnetic frequencies produced some kind of cellular change that effects health, corporate industry has hired professional scientists to discredit it with false claims and the ever-present cry for more research. Labs are destroyed, honest research is monkeyed with, brilliant researchers lose their positions, and we all suffer the consequences. We can only hope that EMFs don’t end up like homogenized milk and corn fed produce.

 In our zeal to claim robust health, we need to balance our protests by taking time each day to nourish ourselves. We need to appreciate the mountain grandeur around us, and the caring acts we observe and generate. We need to confidently claim our health with continued respect for all whose paths we cross, lest we be consumed by our frustration.

 The fox picks and chooses its way, ever alert to recognize opportunity or need for caution. We could learn something from that fox.



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