Northern Pass’s Hidden Water Rights Agenda Threatens Health

Make no mistake, our health depends on three basic rights: clean water, safe foods and green energy. These rights are the stuff of today’s wars, driven by corporations that now have outrageous and unlimited powers. These rights are inseparable. Water is predicted to be the principle cause of wars in the 21st Century.

It is taking us a long time to recognize the pattern regarding human rights that is being repeated the world over. Corporations, based on profits at any cost, have millions to spend on misleading propaganda while avoiding health, safety, and environmental provisions.

Hydro-Quebec has already managed to ravage much of it’s own formerly pristine province. They’ve put 215 dikes and dams in the James Bay project alone, displacing communities, and flooding hunting and trapping lands in violation of government treaties with the  Cree  Nation.

 Their later agreement in 1975, allocating acreage and a cash settlement to the Cree Nation, does not restore the fish habitat, the beautiful rapids and diversity that an environment needs to remain healthy. Thus far, in Quebec, only 2 of their 16 largest rivers flow freely today. Gone are the rapids in those rushing rivers that drew white water enthusiasts and vacationers to Quebec. 

Hydro-Quebec’s newest misleading propaganda for the Northern Pass (NP) project is found under the guise of There, we can screen through beautiful pictures of NH rivers and forests by clicking on folks who assure us that all will be well for NH with the NP.

 What Hydro-Quebec doesn’t say is that the Northern Pass power line is only Step one in the destruction of our rivers, land, and forests. Step two will be to dam up our rivers for more power, as demands rise.

 Reporter Will Braun, in Canada’s This Magazine, gives us the chilling results of Canada’s 60 years of dam building: “Clean energy does not damage the environment, the ecosystems of rivers and forests, or native communities. The eventual dams that go with hydro-power mean pouring tons of cement into free-flowing rivers in addition to tearing up huge swaths of land for the power lines and raising ecosystem and human rights havoc.”

 Think about what dams would mean to our communities and environment should the Connecticutand Androscoggin Rivers become part of the game plan. We have made it clear that the tourist industry is what we need to focus on in Northern NH. People come here from all over the world to experience our natural environment. Here is where people can hike, ski, camp out, canoe and kayak, sail and relax, away from the hectic pressures of living in a frenzied world.

 To keep pace with our culture, we need to develop alternative kinds of green energy right here in OurNewHampshire that  provide for future needs, yet do not compromise our health and well being. Hopefully, we will be able to Stop the Northern Pass project and find better, innovative, long range plans to enjoy and share with the rest of the world.


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