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Exercise extends quality of life!

November 6, 2011

Snow came early this year. Most of us were surprised to see those big clumps of flakes coming down on the last Friday of October and 7” of them sitting on the ground the next morning!

 Big clumps of snow bundled up on beech tree leaves, their weight bending branches to the ground. When morning sun hit the leaves, we were in for a breathtaking glimpse of nature at its finest, lighting up iridescent yellow and brilliant burnt orange leaves draped in snow. Yet, by the Monday, snow slid off and branches eased their way back up. The light show went on for days, depending on what time we saw the sun hit the leaves.

 I marveled at yet another lesson from nature: Storms may come and slow us down, but after the storm it’s time to stretch up and walk in the light that follows.

 Here in NH, whether we walk around the house or on the road where we live, in nearby woods or downtown, in the Walter-Newton Preserve, Smart’s Brook, Pikes Peak or the Rattlesnakes, Welch-Dickey or Mooselauke, the constant natural changes draw us in as we move about.

 Perhaps this is nature’s way of keeping our circulation moving, protecting us against unwary attacks of flu, colds and stiff joints. The air is crisp as it singles out the hairs in our nose. We feel the crunch of snow or frozen leaves underfoot, (or wheels) and we know the seasons are changing for sure.

 One thing that doesn’t change is our need to keep everything moving with regular exercise. our circulation to pass smoothly to every cell in our bodies.

 “Exercise Extends Life!” is in the news, the object of multiple university studies, most recently the Univ. Medical Center in Rotterdam. Researchers there recommend 15-30 minutes of walking each day.

Exercise also extends the quality of life! Our regular habit of exercising whatever still moves can only be an asset that keeps our systems flowing through any obstacles.