Each other includes each ‘other’ in the world!

Daily, worldwide accounts of the estimated 1.8 billion people who are still drinking unsafe water include US citizens, not just people in Africa, India and other third world countries. Both our Southwest and Southeast are competing with irrigation, landscaping, and swimming pool draws that compromise our drinking water.

 Here in New England, and especiallyNew Hampshire, abundantly flowing brooks and rivers can easily mesmerize us into thinking that we have an endless supply of water. The reality we need to grasp is that we will be called on to share some of our water with the rest of the world. The question is: will we be able to share our water equitably and avoid the predicted World War III, the Water War?

 Subsidiaries like Poland Spring are gradually draining the aquifers in water-rich pockets of  theUSto sell bottled water at 10,000 times the cost of perfectly safe tap water. By selling us something most of us don’t even need except in emergencies or when traveling in uncertain places, private water companies make huge profits. People trash 75 percent of the bottles; only 25% are recycled.

 Landowners, tricked into selling their land, realize their demise too late.  Lovewell’s Pond inFryeburg, ME is fed by the Ward’s Brook  Aquifer that Poland Spring draws from. The pond is now much lower and covered with green scum (cyanobacteria) since Poland Spring’s pumping station went in. Townspeople worry that their main source for water will dry up.

 Nestlé Waters bought Poland Spring in 1992. Swiss based Nestle owns 72 brands of bottled waters in 38 countries and is the largest food company in the world, according to Tom Bearden, News Hour correspondent. There is something wrong with this equation. Do we want water to be privatized, rather than recognized as a human right?

 Many of us maintain a frenzy of activity in pursuit of the American dream, or just trying to stay connected to others amidst constant new technology updraft. We are often too distracted or exhausted to pay attention to corporateAmerica’s inroads on our basic rights.

 Time to turn a bald eye on our priorities. Safe drinking water will hopefully head the list. Without safe water, there is no life. Water, food, and energy do have a pecking order. Once we have our priorities straight, decisions about pesticides, fertilizers, plumbing, wastewater treatment, GMO seeds, livestock, irrigation, dams, energy, products, …, all fall into place.

 Every ‘other’ person in the world is us. Now to treat us well….



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