Safe Water Rights

Large Dam Hydroelectric power is not clean energy. Hydro Quebec has cost the Crees their homes and livelihood. It has wiped out fish as a food source and the mercury released through flooding behind the dams poisons the remaining fish and those who eat them. Mercury will continue to pollute the water for 20-30 years. All this at a time when many of our ocean fish are suspect, threatening our food source further. There’s nothing clean about any of this.

 For a peek at the extended forecast, check out theHooverdam, which has been in effect for 75 years. So much silt has built up behind the dam, there’s no place to put the silt even if it could be removed.Lake Meadhas evaporated to 40% of its capacity. That’s a standard pattern for large dams. Fresh silt contains nutrients a river needs, nourishes the river and gets flushed out to sea to continue the water cycle. Silt buildup raises salt, mineral, and rotted debris to toxic levels. The Colorado River is drying up and no longer reaches the sea.

 What our grandchildren and their offspring are going to need is drinking water. Allowing HQ to put their power line through will encourage them to put even more dams in theRomaineRiverand evaporate more of earth’s water in their reservoirs.

 And that’s not just Quebec’s problem. It will be our problem as well. HQ is just one of many corporations monkeying  around with our future water supply. There’ll probably be enough water for today’s retired folks but definitely not enough for generations to follow unless we safeguard it.

  Water is our greatest need and it exists in pockets all over the earth, the Northeast being one of them. We may be able to create autonomous communities for energy but water is going to have to be shared, and not in little plastic bottles.

 The scary thing is that many large dams have already done irreparable damage to the environment, are drying up our water supply and continue to ruin the health of our rivers. Some are being dismantled at great financial cost in the hope of restoring river life.

 This issue has nothing to do with “not in my backyard.” The message we need to be sending HQ is “No New Dams.” People can survive with less electricity or even without electricity. No one can survive without water.


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