Blue Gold Alert

Thousands can live without love, not one without water – W H Auden

 The NorthernPass project continues to monkey with our future. I keep track of research on the effect of high voltage power lines on our health, but I see an even bigger challenge to our health and well being from the effect large hydroelectric dams have on the world’s (and ultimately our) water supply. 

We cannot afford to use water to create energy. We have blatant examples before us of what happens to the world’s rivers, its veins and arteries, when large dams are put in place. Unfortunately, you will not likely get the full picture on TV or on radio because corporate sponsors censor what we view and hear.

 The full version of the film, Blue Gold, is now available free on You Tube. What I like about this film is that it visits sites all over the world to update us on the effect that large dams have on our world’s water supply at the hands of multinational corporations. 

We can’t depend on our government for help. It doesn’t matter which political party is in, the outcome is the same re: corporate power. Because we are an affluent country, we are only beginning to feel the effects of poor management of our water supply. Yet the pattern being played out in India, Egypt, Africa, China, and South America will eventually encompass the United States unless we get a handle on the big picture and act to protect our future water today.

 What we must realize is that water is renewable only if we follow nature’s rules for renewal. Nature provides us with forests to hold and store water. Trees and plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen for us. Rivers serve as veins and arteries between us and the ocean, lakes, and aquifers to keep the water cycle renewable. Unless we take care of our forests and rivers, we risk losing our water. As humans, we know what happens when veins or arteries are injured and shut down. The same thing happens to earth.

 Large dams give a one-two punch to our forests and rivers. The dams drown forests to make huge reservoirs. Instead of holding water, drowned trees slowly decompose and give off tremendous amounts of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. The soil under the new reservoir off-gasses mercury for 20-30 years, poisoning whoever or whatever drinks the water. The rhythmical flow of the river is interrupted by water pounding over dams, scouring out river banks. Water then slows down, moves to the next reservoir and heats up as it stagnates, interfering with the steady cool temperatures fish and other water life need to survive. The river then begins to dry up, exhausted.

 Whether large dams are erected for energy, irrigation, drinking water, or combinations,  their long range effect is amply demonstrated by what has happened to the Columbia, Colorado, Mississippi, Yangtze, Nile, Volta, Suriname, Jordan and other rivers of the world. We need to inform ourselves about the big picture while there is still time if we want our children, and generations to come, to have enough potable water.

 We don’t need 20 years to see what will happen in Quebec. The standard demise of large hydro dams has been documented reliably the world over. There is no way HQ will be able to provide cheap electrical energy to the Northeast for long into the future. They’ve saddled us with tremendous amounts of carbon dioxide emissions from destroyed forests as a legacy to deal with whatever profits they hope to realize from putting one over on us and the rest of New England.

 There’s always more. I urge you to watch the full film,  Blue Gold, world water wars. This film can be seen free online at Then ask the questions: What’s the name of the watershed in my town? What rivers feed it? Where does my drinking water come from? Where does my wastewater go?



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