Roundup’s Genetic Roulette and GMO Food Labeling

Probably the most important aspect of GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) products is being overlooked. Many of us resist having our natural diversity of plants limited by chemical companies, replacing heirloom seeds with GMO seeds. But there’s a much more ominous problem with GMO/Roundup Ready seeds. The problem lies with understanding the action of the chemical glyphosate (tradename is Roundup) on plants and on us.

 Glyphosate is an herbicide that knocks out the immune system in all plants except the Roundup Ready GMO plants. However, since GMO crops are sprayed with Roundup, GMO plants and plant products also soak up glyphosate. GMO plants will mature and pass the pesticides they’ve soaked up from the soil on to whoever eats GMO foods.

 Recent studies of pregnant and non-pregnant women in Sherbrooke, Quebec found that the women all carried pesticides associated with GMO foods in their blood. The pregnant women also passed them on to their fetuses. Studies are now being conducted to document the incidence of autism, cancers, and other diseases in people who have absorbed high levels of GMO foods. Because glyphosate is an immune system suppressor, it readily passes across the placental barrier to unborn children and may suppress the child’s immune system to ailments from the get-go.

 Normally, our immune systems have built in resistance to a multitude of ailments. Some families have less resistance to certain diseases but glyphosate compromises any immune system. While many of us resist  planting the GMO seed itself, of possibly much more lethal effect is the action of glyphosate on our immune systems.

 Seed saving farmers have gradually developed seeds that generate a natural strong immunity to pathogens that normally live in the soil. These are the seeds that producers of GMO seeds are trying to eliminate and with tragic results in India.  There, Roundup has ruined the soil and destroyed many of the seeds that had been developed over centuries to provide India with thousands of varieties of rice. 250,000 documented Indian Farmers have committed suicide as a result crop losses from planting GMO seed and spraying with Roundup. US and Canadian farmers have also been hard hit.

 Just released, two year studies in France on rats demonstrate the problems that GMO seeds and Roundup spawn. Rats usually live for 10 months – 2 years. Most rat studies done by chemical companies have only been carried out over 90 days (not a life span.) What  French researchers found was that after 3 months on GMO food, rats became irritable, nervous, isolative, combative, and began to develop strange tumors. The controls, those raised on non-GMO food, were calm, well developed, and healthy.

 Of note, these studies were done with the utmost security because what they were learning was clearly a threat to GMO corporations. The study was published on line in September, 2012, in the peer-reviewed journal, Food and Chemical Toxicology. Since then, agrochemical companies have been busy trying to refute the studies, calling the French researchers incompetent and sighting hundreds of 90 day studies to try to disprove them, glossing over the ugly outcomes. Significantly, Russia has just suspended the import of US GMO corn as a result of these studies.

 Time to check with our NH farmers, put naturally grown food by for winter,  and insist on our right to have GMO foods labeled. California has it on their November ballot in Proposition 37. To better understand the importance of our actions, view  The more we care about the food we eat, the less we’ll be shelling out in medical fees, and the more we’ll enjoy robust health.


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