Giving Thanks

While many of us grew up with contrived enactments of the “First Thanksgiving” in our schools and churches, hopefully even more of us will give thanks this year for the groundswell of people who do want to figure out a way to share our world while there is still time to reclaim the world’s vast resources.

 It would have been a rich heritage that saw our early settlers giving thanks to the indigenous people who helped them to survive that first year. Instead, it is devastating to realize that our settlers celebrated their massacre of over 700 Pequot men, women and children. After the massacre, Governor Winthrop issued a proclamation for settlers to give thanks for their victory. There was nothing about coming together with Indians and giving thanks for sustenance with a shared feast.

 Hopefully, this Thanksgiving, we are not celebrating other conquests. Hopefully, we will be moved to give thanks for our sustenance and pray that we will be able to use our energies to figure out a way to share the earth’s bountiful resources strategically so that our world’s disparate population can claim healthy lives with enough water, food and energy. Our goal is that everyone be “safely gathered in, ere the winter storms begin.”



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