Flu this holiday? It all depends….

Someone asked me if I believed the hype about the predicted flu epidemic. My response was, “It all depends….” In this season when we think of the sugar plum fairy and partake of all the family holiday recipes that we and others have collected over the years, December can be a challenge.

 I know I look forward to making Danish pastry and thinking about my grandmother who brought the recipe in her head when she emigrated here from Denmark.  Memories of the whole family gathering around the candlelit table on Christmas Eve and seeing my grandmother’s magical, diamond shaped pastries appear all glazed and topped with crushed walnuts, like pieces of Prasad that she offered us.

 I’m sure that each one of us has a heartwarming tale to tell. The problem comes when we celebrate each day of the season with too many of each other’s morsels of cheer. The thing to remember is that flu viruses love sugar. If we’re eating lots of sugar when  a flu virus gets into our system, we’ll have one long, lousy bout with the flu.

 I’d be a hypocrite if I suggested that anyone skip these “memorable” experiences, since I plan to enjoy the holidays. My only suggestion is that if you get a cold or think you may be coming down with something, avoid sweets, drinks, juices, ice cream, and fries. Just drink lots of water, hot lemonade, and homemade chicken or vegetable soup, and stay home. Don’t pass your whatever around. You’ll probably soon feel fine and ready to rejoin the holiday cheer. (P.S.  Remember to be generous with our friend, tap water, throughout the season!)

 Depending on whether you make the flu feel unwelcome from the get go, you’ll be free to enjoy all the gatherings with family and friends, all the celebrations, holiday music and singing that keeps us well and thriving. It really all just depends….


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