Will we allow little children to lead us?

 This week we learned how important is the life and potential of every child and how dedicated teachers intuitively sacrifice their own lives in attempts to protect their students and ensure that their students will grow and flower in safety.

 Hopefully, we will also recognize that no one has the right to kill children and innocent civilians anywhere. This includes children and civilians in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world.

 While theatres temporarily cancel violent films, we need to look at the result of the model put out continually through such films, and the media footage of hardships created by our involvement in the Middle East where incidents like Newtown are met on a daily basis. Hopefully, the Newtown tragedy will never just be chalked up to one young man’s mental illness.

 Ideas come from what we experience daily. If we have a steady stream of media coverage showing innocent killings abroad, it sends a message that killing is the way to deal with differences of opinion or general feelings.

 The grief of Newtown families seems more significant because it is close to home; we realize it could happen anywhere in the US. Yet, in this tragedy we have a microcosm of the pain and anguish being continually experienced by people in the Middle East and other countries.

 Does the Newtown tragedy compel us to reconsider endless wars in which our service people are directed to kill, and the killings are reported visually on Television, where the model is set for the glory of mass murder elsewhere?

 Ironically, while we continue to mourn the loss of children, in the US, we also continue to underfund their education, leaving many strapped with loans beyond their earning capacity as they become adults. And we scrimp on funding the Veterans Administration for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) therapy, so that many of our service people are waitlisted for treatment when they return home. Many veterans have been ordered to do the opposite of what their religion and family instilled in them. They need tremendous support to learn how to deal with their memories.

 As we approach this new year, we have a tremendous opportunity to reset our human values. How open are we to the mission these little children have given us? It’s not just about gun laws. It’s about respect for all children and all people everywhere. It’s about learning how to get along with and stay in tune with people everywhere.

Hopefully, the children of the world have not died in vain. Hopefully, we will get the message that killing does not bring peace and health. What a pivotal year this could be!



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