Flu Vaccine is Not the #1 Prevention

Flu vaccine is not the #1 prevention, despite media claims. Flu doesn’t mess around. Flu virus has a strong addiction to sugar. It absolutely thrives on ice cream, sodas, sweetened juices, candy, fries, and processed foods.

 Flu virus just can’t survive when people drink plenty of tap water or lemon water, and eat plenty of whole foods, intact as nature made them, from scratch. This routine is the #1 prevention.

 It’s that simple. We do not have to have a nasty bout with the flu. It’s up to us.

 Flu vaccine may be 60 percent effective. Flu vaccine may tend to make people feel protected and therefore impervious to the three strains of flu included in the vaccine. People may ignore early signals of sore throat and the general feeling of “I’m coming down with something.”

 Each of us must take responsibility not to pass the flu around. The reason flu gets a stronghold is because as a civilization, we have increased our sugar consumption to outrageous amounts in the last 70 years alone. Sugar has gradually, stealthily, been added to just about everything we put in our mouths. Even when there was a sugar bowl on every kitchen table, we did not consume the huge quantity of sugar that has spawned so many conditions, in addition to leaving us in a weakened state to fight flu viruses.

 Pharmacies are becoming the new sub-clinics. As a nation, we seem to be accepting chronic illness as a way of life instead of as a wake up call to shape up and deal with our addiction to sugar. We lead the world with poor health as a result of our addiction. Over 1600 years ago, Hippocrates advised people to “Let your food be your medicine.” Imagine how different our lives could be if we followed that sage advice.

 Massive changes begin with small steps; sugar was added in small steps; pharmacies expanded in small steps. Our bodies do need natural forms of glucose for energy. Small steps toward healthier forms of glucose might begin with including one piece of fresh fruit each day and one fresh vegetable eaten raw or cooked. Habits change by adding something new, not by taking away the old. The new makes change possible, is more inviting. With every small new step, a bit of the old sloughs off and change happens.

 Here’s to shaping up with lots of small steps!


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4 Responses to “Flu Vaccine is Not the #1 Prevention”

  1. voiceinwords Says:

    I’d like to see this backed up with research. What article are you citing?

    • elizabethterp Says:

      Thank you for your inquiry. Since William Dufty’s, best selling, Sugar Blues, came out in 1975, several writers have added their warnings about sugar consumption. In 1967, Marchall McLuhan clearly described how corporations scew public opinion in his best seller, The Medium is the Massage.

      Today, our formerly reliable researchers in land grant universities have been massively bought off by pharmaceutical and food producing corporations. The string attached to their financial support is the requirement for corporate review and approval of any research before it is published, a clear muzzle. In addition, faculty positions are threatened by any objection to the corporate view. Unscrupulous researchers are also paid by corporations to twist and discredit reliable research.

      Significantly, even with today’s coverage of the flu, people are being advised to wash their hands, get the vaccine, and stay home if they contract the flu. People are not being advised to also stop feeding the flu with refined sugar products. Such advice would not further the sale of flu vaccine or sale of hand sanitizers.It would, however, leave people to feel free to eat plenty of refined foods.

      Google the effects of sugar on flu virus or words to that effect and you will find plenty of material. Amazon.com provides a similar service. I’m just one of a multitude of health professionals who have personally and professionally observed the relationship between refined sugar consumption and susceptibility to flu and other health conditions.


      • voiceinwords Says:

        I don’t believe that our university researchers have been bought by anyone, and I respectfully disagree with you on this statement. While sugar intake might have an effect (we cannot say negative or positive) on the flu; without the same hard data that we can use to prove the flu vaccine, it is not possible to make such statements.

        There is no distinction between “natural” and “refined” sugars as the body treats them the same way in glycolysis. It may be possible to blame effects on “empty calories” as in calories that have no nutrition other than the energy itself in some cases of poor immune function but even then without hard data it is impossible to point the finger at anything.

        You are right in that excess sugar consumption is causing a detriment to people’s health in many different ways, but to make the stretch all the way to the flu is a very hard argument to defend.

        Cutting down on sugar consumption will not help the body produce the antibodies that are required to fight off the flu. The flu vaccine will in essence force the body to produce the antibodies to three different strains of the virus, and so far this year have been correct in forecasting the strain. With the antibodies already produced in the body by the flu vaccine if a vaccinated person contracts the flu, the disease will likely not occur or simply be a weak infection.

      • elizabethterp Says:

        Please see January 18 blog entry, “The Wonder of Glucose”.

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