Creating Intentional Peace

“We’ve got to keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill people” seems to be the loudest cry in the media. Why is the media totally ignoring our responsibility to stop feeding minds with violence? When the general public must view a steady stream of reruns of people being killed in war, little children are being desensitized to general killing of anyone considered “the enemy”. So much for real life education about how to get along with others.

 Compound this with the violence blatted out at full volume in theatres for coming attractions and it’s difficult to get away from wanton killing there either. Clearly, many people enjoy watching violence to other people. What needs to be recognized is that the effect of a violent model on people who may already feel sad, humiliated, lonely, hurt, or some other negative affect, is that they may begin to view violence as something they can solve all their problems with.

 We can have all kinds of gun control laws but until we recognize the violent education we are putting out to the minds of developing children and adults, such laws are a delusion. How many books on what-all actually happens in wars, real or fictional, do we have to digest before we get the point and stop creating more mental illness?


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