Where are the current huddled masses?

We’ve come a long way since Emma Lazarus’s poem, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free.” We now find ourselves singing the songs of the ‘huddled masses’ with our burgeoning prisons and hospitals that reflect the dire circumstances of our minds and bodies.

The American Dream existed when there was still land, a frontier to be explored. Now, as every inch of land is accounted for and up for corporate competition, we are constantly disempowered as individuals and collectively in groups. What happens in Haiti and Africa, India, China, and South America is now happening in the US.

Each week we learn of some corporate plan to destroy a little more of our precious land. We are bounced from project to project: Tar Sands, Northern Pass, Poland Spring, Coos County Wind Project, or Iberdrola’s massive wind farm projects fingering their way through Grafton County. We end up paying taxes to support our legislative system and then having to fork over more time and money to protect the rights our legislators seem so intent on cancelling for us.

Even when we gather to protect some aspect of the environment, we are immediately taken by how quickly our purpose is compounded. Being involved in stopping the Northern Pass involves protecting our forests and our water and then connects us to out-of-control wind projects, the Tar Sands, and….

Climate Change is no longer a theory. Our vanishing glaciers all over the world attest to the reality that we’re getting too warm. Significantly, our scientists affirm that if we act now, we can slow the process of climate change. We can make certain that the lives of our offspring will be livable.

The environment must not be sacrificed for corporate profits. Our forests are the sacred grounds we need to breathe, to connect with the ground of our being, and to remind us that the earth is to be revered and shared with all species if  any of us are to thrive.

One way to join the effort to stop predatory exploitation of our forests is to add your name to the link below.



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