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Buried Lines Alert

September 18, 2013

 I attended the Northern Pass Open House at Loon Mountain in Lincoln on 9/16. The event consisted of several displays promoted by NP employees who didn’t seem to know much about the cost of burying the lines. A “more experienced” employee was quickly called over to snow me with a deluge of misinformation delivered passionately. I admit to being fascinated by his performance, waving his arms as he went all around the barn.

 He didn’t tell me about the work of TransEnergieUS, Hydro-Quebec’s transmission division that is involved with the longest underground transmission line in the world at 110 mi, the Murraylink in Australia. He didn’t tell me that SNC-Lavalin, a  Canadian infrastructure engineering and managing company became a shareholder in the project. SNC-Lavalin partnered with TransEnergieUS to develop the Murraylink.

 Several studies confirm the reliability of underground transmission. NC Utilities Commission (Nov. 2003) found that underground (u/g) outage rates are 50 percent less than overhead. MD Public Service Commision (Feb. 2000) found that u/g systems of Urban utilities have lower frequency and duration of outages.  The Australian government (Nov. 1998) found that high voltage u/g systems had 80 percent less outages than overhead.

 Significantly, I found this information on the website when I googled Murraylink and TransEnergieUS  and learned that TransEnergieUS had sponsored the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission conference in Hartford, CT in 2004. This information has been available since the pdf of this FERC conference was filed in 2004.

 So the question is: why is HQ turning a blind eye to its own work elsewhere and trying to foist an antiquated system on NH? This is not about supplying power economically to New England. This is about corporate greed poised to make long-term bucks off sleeping New Englanders. In return, they’ll provide us with increased health and energy costs, guaranteed, for the long run.

To voice your concerns, please call or email Governor Hassan, 603-271-2121, Maggie@Maggie


Rights for Health

September 11, 2013

 The First Amendment to the US Constitution which gives private corporations the power over citizens, gathered citizens, and towns is something that I struggle to understand. Because decisions about our water, food and energy needs directly affect our health, I continue to look at threats to our health proposed by powerful corporations. The bottom line is always about a few people making money at the expense of the general population. Corporations are fully protected by our Constitution which is clearly not “of the people, by the people, for the people.”

 The Northern Pass project, for example, is an attempt by PSNH to gather lucrative rent money from Hydro Quebec. Protecting our health, environment, tourism industry, property, and cost for energy is of no interest to PSNH. They’ve lost 50,000 of their customers due to rate increases and this is their last chance to scam New Hampshire voters. HQ is willing to bury lines in Maine and New York. Those states will receive the rent money from HQ.

 It would clearly be cost effective to bury the lines along existing NH rights of way. It would not be cost effective to bury the lines along PSNH existing lines through the woods. The fact that millions have been spent spreading false promises and buying up property tells us clearly that the projected long run will be a major financial coup for PSNH as well as HQ, at the expense of NH citizens.

 Because Hydro Quebec has systematically bludgeoned their own province, ruined their fishing industry, abused their rivers and wildlife, and indigenous culture, I continue to be concerned that Canada owns all the NH dams in the Connecticut River and increasing acreage in the North Country. If our grandchildren are to survive and thrive in this world, we need to stand together to assure their safety. That means seeing that their water supply, food and energy sources are not being messed with.

One way to stand together is to attend DOE scoping hearings in as many locations as possible, whether you speak or not. Showing Up Matters! Hearings are scheduled as follows: CONCORD: Grappone Conference Center, Sept. 23, 6-9 pm; PLYMOUTH:  Hanaway Theatre, Sept. 24, 5-8 pm; WHITEFIELD: Mountain View Grand, Sept. 25, 5-8 pm; and COLEBROOK: Elementary School, Sept. 26, 5-8 pm.