There is No Food Shortage!

The YouTube film, Genetic Roulette, about GMO Food Labeling, covered all the bases with research we’ll never hear about on television. Television is subsidized by GMO chemical companies like Monsanto and has silencers on any negative research reporting the health, seed, or soil problems generated by GMO food production.

Despite Monsanto’s claims to feed the world, researchers the world over report that there is NO Food Shortage. The world still produces enough food for everyone. The problem is that everyone can’t afford to buy the food. Here are some of the reasons why GMO adds to the food distribution problem.

1. GMO crops don’t stand the test of time. After 4-5 years, GMO seed becomes less resistant to attack, unlike seeds that have been naturally developed for centuries to acclimatize to their specific environment.

2. Roundup depletes the soil of beneficial as well as harmful organisms, leaving a dismal farming future of failed crops.

3. Several studies demonstrate that when livestock are given the choice of GMO or Non-GMO food, they choose the Non-GMO and won’t touch GMO products. The irony is that we humans have a less discriminating sense than livestock, especially when produce is all sugared up.

Most alarming is the long string of health problems aggravated by GMO food consumption: allergies, autism, cancers, skin problems, behavioral problems, gastro-intestinal problems and on and on. We have been consuming GMO food from our supermarkets for about 40 years. Small wonder that GMO foods are most prevalent in the US where we lead the world in sickness and health care costs. Our chemical companies have brought devastating consequences as well to countries on whom they have forced their seed and chemicals.

It is probably no accident that we started needing vitamin pills in the 1940s. Only ten years earlier, Congress was arguing over allowing chemical amendments to be added to our soil. The chemical companies won and have enjoyed producing a continual expansion of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and pills ever since. That combination is a surefire money maker for corporations.

The Indian Ayurvedic system considers the digestive tract the seat of all illness. Hippocrates advised us to “Let food be your medicine.” Time to shake ourselves out of this groggy sleep state and take the necessary steps to label GMO food right out of existence along with the health problems it has spawned. How? If the label doesn’t say Non-GMO or Organic, don’t buy it. Food companies want our business.

Milk companies got the message. When people discovered that growth hormones given to stimulate increased milk production in cows also stimulates the development of huge breasts in young men and women as well, many stopped buying milk products unless they were marked ‘hormone free’. Breast reduction surgery continues to be sought actively. The GMO version of natural bovine growth hormone (BGH), developed by Monsanto,  is called recombinant Bovine Somatotrophin. The next time you buy, milk, ice cream or other milk products, be sure the container says ‘no rbST’, ‘no rBST’, or ‘no BGH’. Several milk companies label their products today.

Now for the rest of the food industry…. It’s up to each of us to call the game.


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