Claiming Rights to Health in the Holiday Season

While people the world over are distracted by many observances of the holiday season, filled with hope and cheer for the coming year, yet another rug is being pulled out from us as world negotiators work to put the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) in place. The TPP has all the earmarks of the final lynchpin in George Orwell’s 1984.

 For a sneak peek at the TPP potential to undermine community and national rights, look at what Eli Lilly’s NAFTA backed suit against Canada is all about. Eli Lilly is looking to grab $500 million in compensation after the company lost its Canadian patents on 2 drugs. The patents expired in 2011. Eli Lilly is challenging Canada’s patent laws because they differ from EU or US norms.

 Basically, the TTP would simply ensure that corporations aimed at attacking everything from affordable medications, water, food, energy, and environmental protections to Internet freedoms, will continue to bleed the whole world.

 It would be interesting to know how many of our legislators are invested in Big Pharma, which is sure to continue to thrive even with Obamacare. Canada has a single payer system, which Canadians are generally happy with, despite reports of people having to wait for needed care. It would also be interesting to note just who is promulgating those reports since it doesn’t seem to be the Canadians.

 Canadians put their funding into providing basic health care for all of their citizens. Even with Obamacare, Americans will still be challenged if they lose their job or fall through the cracks for Medicaid. This week, Veteran’s benefits are slated to be cut for those under 62 years of age. At the same time, the US came up with $80 million to give to Vietnam for Military Aid. What about our commitment to veterans for care they have earned?

 With the backing of the TPP, corporations, now considered to have “individual rights”, will have a field day challenging any country’s laws that get in their way. We experienced that power when Monsanto and BigAg literally prevented US food labeling because with GMO on the label, people would be less apt to buy the product. Why should BigAg have that right? We struggle with drug abuse problems stemming from continual brainwashing by drug companies that get people started as children and continue to seduce teens and adults, while at the same time suppressing research debunking their claims. Why should BigPharma have that right?

 If we as humans simply want to be happy, we can’t really be happy unless others are also happy. What rights need to be in place for that to happen?


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