Beware HQ Tricks to Scam NH with the Northern Pass

Hydro Quebec’s (HQ) continuing theme to delude NH citizens into accepting the Northern Pass (NP) came in the form of NP spokesperson, Lauren Collins’s 4/2/14 article in the Boston Globe talking about 1200 jobs for construction. NP clearly figures that if repeated enough times, NH people will believe their scam. Now hear this: translated, the Northern Pass project also means 1200 unemployed on completion of the project in addition to the tourism people the project will put out of work.

Tricks are what Hydro Quebec specializes in. They evidently make much more money that way. In an earlier column, I spelled out the deal HQ tricked Newfound/Labrador’s (NL) former Premier Smallwood into signing. HQ’s trick was for NL to sell power to HQ at 0.2 cents/kwh. That is two-tenths of a cent per kwh, which HQ then sells for 7 cents/kwh. So HQ has made lots of money to buy NH property, alienate neighbors, illegally survey areas, and keep NH citizens riled up. For four years, NH citizens have spent enormous amounts of time and money in their efforts to protect NH’s safe future by urging the NH legislature to require HQ to bury the lines and pay the rent money to the State of NH.

HQ’s Transmission Division was willing to bury 110 miles of line to protect Australia’s environment, and HQ proved that undergounding not only saved Australia’s environment, it reduced outages by 80 percent. So, why all this hoopla for overhead lines in NH? Check out the minutes of the HQ sponsored, 2004 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) conference in Hartford, CT. Minutes are on the FERC website.

Impacts of the project on electrical system reliability mean that by HQ’s own analysis, we can expect 80% higher maintenance costs on above ground lines than buried lines. We need to be concerned about future long terms costs, not about providing a few jobs for a few years, and then paying through the nose like Newfound/Labrador. HQ has already destroyed their once beautiful province. To assuage their guilt, they have assured Quebec citizens that Quebec will always have cheap energy, but guess who they plan to hoodwink into paying for that energy? Guess whose land they plan to destroy next? HQ has already bought up huge parcels of NH land and Canada owns every NH dam in the CT River. Is anyone watching?

Keeping each other well includes caring for our environment and all we share it with. We are all part of a larger community of living, breathing life. Even children who have read Dr. Seuss’s Lorax know that. As adults, we have a responsibility to let our governor and legislators know we are not fooled by this disreputable corporation called Hydro Quebec. Hopefully, MA will stand with us in our quest. They too risk high costs for electricity.



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