Oratorios for Health Living

Like a great choral oratorio, whether about an outpouring of grief over the death of a loved one, as in the Brahms Requiem, or about a much longer struggle against oppressive forces, as in Handel’s Messiah, people come together, moved by one universal voice that inspires us to move forward and embrace life anew.

That same voice was heard again in the Newfound area community voice that silenced the Iberdrola Wild Meadows Wind Project last week.

A much longer oratorio is currently in the works as people voice concerns over the Northern Pass project. Pieces have been composed chronicling the destruction of culture, livelihood, and natural environment in Quebec, robbing Newfoundland-Labrador of its future energy, and destroying family relations in northern NH. The piece that may well turn the tide on the NP is Susan Schibanoff’s unveiling of the true cost of putting an above ground line through the State of NH. Her piece in the Concord Monitor (May 21), “My Turn: Overhead lines require a lot of digging, too” may well be powerful enough to move us to come together as one voice and put the necessary limits on the project that will ensure a healthy outcome.

The news is that 90-130 foot poles carrying the proposed line through the forest and existing right of way would require 35 foot deep foundations to be dug, blasted and filled with concrete throughout the length of the proposed line. The NP claim that burying the lines is too costly makes no sense. It has to be a lot less expensive to bury lines 3-4 feet deep along existing rights of way than it is to blast 35 foot deep foundations to seat hundreds of monopoles for an above line through forest and replacing existing PSNH poles to support High Voltage Currents.

Hydro Quebec’s bottom line here must be to eventually charge New Englanders steep rates so that HQ can continue to placate Canadian ire over HQ’s destruction of their province for hydropower by promising cheap rates forever to the people of Quebec.

The proposed line would create an ugly swath through our state, destroying families, recreation, livelihoods, real estate and the health and well being of all life here, as has been duly reported over the last four years unless….

Unless we unite as one voice in the final Amen that buries the line or scratches the project altogether.

Our ability to keep each other well depends on our readiness to attend to these health issues and to let our legislators know our concerns. Here’s the URL for the above article.


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