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Glyphosate Blues

June 12, 2014

Roundup is the most widely used herbicide/pesticide in the world. Glyphosate, the key ingredient in Roundup, is currently being reviewed by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to determine whether to place new restrictions on glyphosate, or to take it off the market.

We know that Roundup depletes soils of rich microorganisms and plant diversity, gradually destroying soil nutrients. Proponents claim that Roundup will provide more food to feed the world. However, the world has survived to date through diversity. The reason we plant different varieties of vegetables is to ensure that most of them will survive to reproduce and feed us.

Roundup and GMO sterile seeds are setting us up for a double whammy. The Irish Potato famine was catastrophic because so few varieties of potatoes were planted, and one blight wiped them all out. In Peru, where potatoes are said to have originated, there are hundreds of varieties of potatoes that can stand up to any given blight. Whatever organism emerges to destroy glyphosate, stands to effectively starve the world.

In response to this obvious threat, organic farmers and people concerned with maintaining soil diversity continue to call for food labeling and taking glyphosate off the market.

Monsanto and other GMO corporations continue to focus on the harmlessness of altering genes, while the real culprit that threatens our health may well be glyphosate.

Two activist groups: Moms Across America, and Thinking Moms Revolution, want the EPA to recall Mosanto’s Roundup. They recently convinced the EPA to hear them out and brought lawyers, scientists and advocates from the Organic Consumers Association, Natural Resources Defense council, Consumers Union, Beyond Pesticides, and the Truth-In-Labeling Coalition as back-up. (Google: Moms to EPA: Recall Monsanto’s Roundup)

The Moms related many health problems in their children including autism, and numerous deteriorating conditions. The children’s urine was tested for glyphosate and found to have toxic levels. Nursing mothers were also found to have toxic amounts of glyphosate in their urine that generated infant problems. However, when put on organic diets, their symptoms began to disappear.

Most of the reports I read are anecdotal accounts of individual children and mothers. There is a reason that much larger studies are not happening. Universities, particularly state universities, began as great research institutions for the public. However, Monsanto and other GMO corporations began to muzzle university research several years ago. You will now find science laboratories and programs at universities that are funded by Monsanto and other GMO corps. There is always an important string attached to their funding. The donor, i.e. Monsanto, retains the right to review all research before publication. Guess what research never sees publication? Guess what projects never get funded? Guess which researchers tend to be fired? Hence, we have many citizen groups appealing for sane controls that protect health and promote diversity.

Unless food is labeled in grocery stores, it has probably been GMO seeded and sprayed with glyphosate. Glyphosate is absorbed through the plant roots and on to anyone who eats the plant.

If you want to avoid the problems generated by glyphosate, now is a perfect time to find an Organic or Non-GMO vegetable stand, and just observe the changes in your well- being in addition to enjoying deliciously flavorful foods raised in harmony with the environment while providing jobs for local residents.