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Truth out: 192 mile Line Buried All The Way Is Cost-Effective!

August 26, 2015

This week we learned that Eversource admits they could bury 60 mi. of the proposed 192 mi. Northern Pass. Bill Quinlan, Eversource spokesperson, and others, have continually insisted that burying the lines is not cost effective. This claim has been disproved by the NC Utilities Commission (Nov. 2003) which found underground (u/g) outage rates to be 50 percent less than overhead. MD Public Service Commission (Feb. 2000) found u/g lines had lower frequency and duration of outages. The Australian government (1998) found that high voltage u/g systems had 80 percent less outages than overhead. This information is all on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) website.

In his book, The Medium is the Message, Marshall McLuhan spelled out the strategy that lulls us, the public, into unspeakable deals for corporations. The message is that if people are lied to consistently and repeatedly, they will eventually begin to believe it is true. For six years, the Northern Pass, by whatever names it currently chooses to be called, has insisted that Burying the Lines is not cost effective. By simply ignoring what has already been learned and documented, their spokespersons repeatedly claim that burying is not cost effective. The key word here is “repeatedly.”

If overhead lines were cost effective, Eversource would not need to be buying off groups with hush money disguised as donations. Clearly, their sting is directed toward rate- payers at great cost to our health, industry, and renewable energy projects.

People come to Northern NH from all over the world to be refreshed by our forests, waterfalls, mountains, rivers they can swim in, the sheer wonder of unspoiled earth, as they travel along trails over granite slabs, through a land that still teems with wild life, where the night sky is dark enough that one can still see the stars.

Overhead lines eat away at our land. They are cost-prohibitive any way you look at them: more expensive to maintain and service, they crudely cut through living areas with roads to access them. They bring a promise of poor health conditions, turn away tourists seeking respite, destroy wildlife habitats, destroy family farms and networks, cause long outages in winter storms, and ignore common rights of way already in place.

A 192 mile line BURIED ALL THE WAY under a state right-of-way is definitely the least-destructive, most cost-effective choice for New Hampshire rate-paying citizens. Governor Hassan needs to hear from us. She can be contacted at 603-271-2121, or


Earthing For Health

August 20, 2015

Clinton Ober, a pioneer in the cable TV industry, discovered real health benefits for what he calls Earthing, his term to describe going barefoot outside or having bare-skin contact with special conductive mats or sheets indoors that are connected to the ground (via an outlet or wire). His book, Earthing, explores this simple remedy that relieves conditions, sometimes deadly, that are created by various kinds of inflammation.

Inflammation – that is the buzzword alive on the internet. A variety of providers are in on the act with expensive diagnostics and products. However, to explore Earthing, we don’t have to buy lots of products that help to ground us to the earth; anyone can try going barefoot for free and keep track of the changes.

Natural energy from the earth may be the ultimate anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging medicine. Those of us who grew up going barefoot from the time school let out in June until our feet stretched out to the next size by September, know something about how good that felt and how strong and healthy we were by summer’s end.

I realize that chores to help with the gardening, putting food by for winter, building huts in the woods, swimming, and more, were all part of summer, but those activities all kept us in close contact with the earth’s energy.

We wore leather-soled shoes to school, great conductors that have been replaced by synthetic soles that insulate us from the earth’s energy by means of an outsole, midsole, insole, footbed, cushioning, and sock liner. A guaranteed energy blockout.

It took us a while to toughen up the soles of our feet as kids. This week, I tried toughening up my foot soles for a few days and then decided to hike around the Smart’s Brook loop barefooted. Hardly into the hike along the Pine Brook Trail, I stepped on some dog pooh. I knew immediately what I had stepped on! It was not mud and definitely not the soft pine needles I had in mind. With the help of a nearby sapling stump and a root that conformed to my foot arch, the pooh was eliminated and any remains swiped out in the next mudhole. Nature does provide.

Half way up the trail, I decided to call it for round one and headed back to my car. We do need to reconnect to nature, to the earth, and I will continue to explore Earthing. I will also continue to oppose power lines that threaten our possibilities to connect with the earth, that threaten to wipe out the wildlife we need to keep our ecosystem in balance.

My only advice at this point is that if you decide to try Earthing, watch your step!