Oh! Oh! The Lorax Is Back!

I ran into Dr. Seuss’s Lorax up on Garfield Ridge just as I reached the Skoocumchuck Trail sign. As usual, he bellowed at me to get my attention, “What’s this I hear about Eversource still trying to put that powerline down through towns that haven’t stood up and shouted, “NO!” with community protests!”

“Listen!” he hissed. “PSNH has stopped spraying their rights of way with pesticides, but they’ve got a new way of attacking the Earth like they own it! Surely, you’ve seen the 120 foot wide rows under their lines that they are pulverizing with their monster track hoes, complete with an articulated brush at the end of the arm.”

“Blueberry bushes and every kind of browse will be gone and the line through forest and towns will look like a giant snowmobile superhighway with the powerline down the middle! Right now, they are going through wetlands, chewing up steep slopes for future landslides, and they leave everything in a broken, tangled mess. If they fell a tree adjacent to a row because it overhangs the row, it gets cut and left where it falls. Farmers lose several acres and get nothing in return. And what about all the hush money Eversource is paying snowmobile clubs? They seem to want to continue Hydro-Quebec’s example of provincial carnage.”

Sheepishly, I admitted, “ I’ve been reading up on Gaia, you know, the idea that Earth is a self-regulating living organism of which we humans are simply a part. We’re definitely not running the show and unless we shape up and take our place instead of trying to dominate everything on Earth, we’re in trouble. I’m reading ecologist/philosopher David Abram’s work about how everything is connected and has been trying to connect with us.”

“Good! You’re beginning to get the big picture. It’s not just about having rights; it’s about connecting with all the sentient beings on Earth, not just humans! And step one is to quit messing Earth up! Tell the Northern Pass people that UNLESS they’re willing to BURY THE LINE ALL THE WAY from the Canadian border to Massachusetts, there will be No Northern Pass.”

Governor Hassan needs continued reminders at GovernorHassen@nh.gov, or at 603-271-2121.


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