What’s Diversity got to do with Health?

Where do we go from here? Is our land use spinning out of control? What do we need to do to reclaim a once-healthy planet? Why do we need so much health care? How evolved are we as humans? Given the wide array of eco-prophets, who should we believe? “Diversity” seems to be the persistent buzz-word today. Do we even grasp what is meant by diversity? What or who is included?

On the morning news, we hear a Portugese woman lamenting the fact that the forest around her is disappearing, turned into a monoculture by some corporation. We read that Montreal is dumping sewage in the St. Lawrence River. Even on a temporary basis, this makes no sense. In NH, forests are being cut up in wide swaths for power lines, windmills, and natural gas lines. Our consciousness is being tweaked around our interference with wildlife by trophy hunting for bobcats or other wildlife, just for fun, not for sustenance. Why do we take pleasure in such action? We would be considered bizarre to value human trophies.

Who or what is included in the necessary diversity to keep a healthy balance on Earth? In our fetish with cleaning products and dishwashers, what are we eliminating that would probably keep us healthy? How are we contributing to the genocide of the very species that have protected or nourished us in the past? Why do we need evidence that we are wiping out a species as crucial to our food supply as bees to begin to reign in our use of pesticides? What can we do to change this scenario?

It is clear to us now that we do not have dominion over the other species, which, with us, share the Earth. Something as invisible as bacteria could wipe us out, no problem. Monoculture farming with GMO seeds and their pesticides ruin our soil and wipe out healthful nematodes and other beneficial organisms that supported our produce in the past, all of which puts us on a downward spiral for health.

We know that nature will survive. In the area around Chernobyl, uninhabitable by humans since the 1986 nuclear disaster, wildlife and plant life are making adjustments and thriving.

The point is: how interested are we, as humans, in surviving? How willing are we to recognize our dependence on the whole caboodle of life on Earth? At this season of Thanksgiving, how can we reach out and give thanks to all the beings that naturally act to keep the web of life we share healthy? How can we do our share?


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