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Interspecies Communication For Health

June 30, 2016

Interspecies Communication – what a mouthful! Leadership for Sustainability- another mouthful! Yet, we will be hearing more about both, and they represent seeds of hope for an exciting healthier future for all of us Earthlings.

We treasure awesome moments when we connect with an animal, bird, or plant or when we sit in absolute stillness. Since 1900, many Eastern forms of meditation: Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Zazen, Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, Vipassana, Metta, and more have helped us here in the US to still our hyperactive minds.

Perhaps we need to look to Interspecies Communications (IC) for leaders who can help us communicate positively with each other and the rest of life on Earth. Science warns us that if we want to enjoy good health, we need to maintain safe water and food supplies, save our remaining forests, stop polluting the oceans, figure out how to speak to each other with respect and maintain the diversity needed to survive and thrive.

An IC Google search brings up several researchers with compelling stories of their work interviewing animals. Universities are developing Masters programs in IC and Leadership for Sustainability.

This week I read “The Last Wild”, a junior children’s book by Piers Torday. Written as fiction, The Last Wild is about finding a cure for the strange fatal disease called Red Eye in an overdeveloped corporate world of Facto. The book reads like a cross between Orwell’s “1984” and Anna Breytenbach’s  work relaying messages from animals in her native S. Africa.

Jon Young’s, “What The Robin Knows: How birds reveal the secrets of the natural world” is even more encouraging! Young studies birds and deciphers the signals a robin, one of the most expressive birds, uses to send out warnings that are different for a hawk or a cat and more. Other birds and animals understand robin language. Each animal and bird species has a language other species understand.

We do respond to many of the sounds birds make to warn us of storms or when a nest is being raided. We have been expanding our ability to speak other people languages. Bacteria and viruses are certainly teaching us that we are not the grandest tigers in the jungle. What might we learn from other species that will help us all to move toward  healthy lives?

What if we never built a road or building without first tuning in to what would be most beneficial to all species?  It is no longer far-fetched to think Interspecies Communication is possible on a much larger scale than ever.  We have an urgent call. Time to tune in.