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Change of Seasons Watch

October 27, 2016

I caught the virile virus that recently cut in on us. The virus’ own dance took my breath away doing the Choke. This variation on the theme of strange viruses was relieved only by a fast drink of warm water. Others reported a similar effect.

Change of seasons sets us up for these exchanges when days can’t decide whether to be warm or cold and wind pops up to complicate things. All of a sudden, a migrating bluejay seems to be settling in from the north; the driveway hosts a flock of juncos pecking their hearts away at gravel treasures; and fall’s first pregnant mouse met its demise in the attic trap’s peanut butter lure.

Climate change, international travel, and tensions over possible election results, leave us vulnerable to increasing variations of viruses and flu.

Here are a few things we can do to protect each other from change of season ailments:  Avoid getting chilled. Be prepared for sudden changes in wind and weather by keeping a hat and sweater/fleece and gloves in the car when setting out, even on warm days. Keep everything that still moves moving with regular exercise- walking, doing stairs, lifting weights or whatever exercises we can dream up. Drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruits and vegetables to keep everything moving through our digestive tracts.

If we start to feel the signs that we are coming down with something, it is even more important to keep everything moving, in this case moving on out! Our bodies need easy food to digest, plenty of soups, cooked fruits, hot lemon water, herbal Echinacea teas, and whatever else has worked in the past. We can respect others by not singing, cheering or otherwise forcefully exhaling disease on unsuspecting folks until we know we are fully recovered.

We have had a spectacular fall- a full three weeks of vibrant color that had us all driving more slowly just to take it in. Here’s to a healthy November that inspires us with the true spirit of Thanksgiving for life that we share.