“Vaccines Revealed” now available FREE

In January, “Vaccines Revealed”, a series of nine videos, unraveled the damage done by promoting, and even demanding as a requirement to attend school, that our children succumb to potentially life challenging or lethal vaccines. Here is an opportunity to view the whole series, led by peer reviewed researchers, for FREE, at www.vaccinesrevealed.com/free/.

Pharmaceutical companies and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) deny or suppress research studies regarding the cautionary use of vaccines. The CDC owns over 50 patents to vaccines – a major conflict of interest when establishing protocols. Top officials in the CDC continually move to executive positions in pharmaceutical companies and back again to work at the CDC. Of even greater concern is that in 1989, Big Pharma obviously greased the wheels for Congress to pass a law that people cannot sue Big Pharma for injury resulting from pharmaceuticals they produce.

General consensus in the series was that vaccines are potentially healthy but they need to be given one at a time, they must not contain aluminum or mercury, and they must not be given too early. Researchers and physicians cited newborns receiving their first vaccine before they left the hospital. It appears that the practice of giving too many at a time and at too young an age, is what has fed Autism rates. However, today the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) protocols include 46 doses of vaccine by the age of 5, 26 doses in the first 18 months, 69 doses from birth to age 18. This protocol is mandatory for entrance to schools and some forms of employment.

At issue today is the fact that the vaccines carry substances such as thymerisol (mercury), aluminum,formaldehyde, and other substances to stimulate an immune response. Many of these substances cross the blood brain barrier and result in neurogenitive diseases like Autism, Lyme disease, Bowel disease, ADHD, Shaken Baby Syndrome , vision and hearing problems, and more. Safer, more expensive vaccine mediums are available but one must know enough to ask for them.

In the 1950s, one in 1000 children came down with autism in the U.S. By 2000, the ratio was 1:250. By 2014, the ratio was 1: 68. By 2032, if the rise continues, 1:2 children born will be autistic, including every male childborn.

Also noted was the possible link between Chickenpox vaccine and the rising incidence of Shingles in adults. Formerly, when children contracted chickenpox naturally (a benign disease), they also provided adults around them with a natural booster of chickenpox and protection against shingles. Without the natural exposure, adults become vulnerable to Shingles, a more serious disease.

Frequently cited was the fact that in the years before vaccines were introduced, people woke up to the effects that general hygiene, water sanitation, and sanitized food handling, etc., reduced disease before vaccines were even produced. So, there is a question as to how much vaccines have eliminated and how much illness and death they have caused.

Because controlled, peer reviewed studies have been suppressed; only recently have they begun to be revealed. More studies of Amish children and Home Schooled children who have not received a battery of vaccines need to be encouraged and openly available to the public.

One such study is Jackson State University’s, “Pilot Comparative Study on the Health of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Children”, led by epidemiologist Dr. Anthony Mawsom. The study of 666 Home Schooled children (39% were unvaccinated), found that fully vaccinated children may be trading the prevention of certain acute illnesses (chickenpox, whooping cough) for more chronic illnesses and neurodevelopmental disorders (ADHD and Autism).

Sweden has banned mandatory vaccinations, citing serious health concerns and the fact that they violate a citizen’s constitutional right to choose their own health care.

What can we do to inform ourselves? We can take the time to review above studies and share what we learn with our neighbors and friends. We can choose health care providers who inform themselves beyond the CDC and Pharmacy labels.

There will be more video presentations as more physicians come forward with the results they are seeing in their practice and more research is finding ways to be published. Unfortunately, physicians risk losing their license to practice, researchers have difficulty getting their findings published, and both groups may lose teaching positions/livelihood.

However, the tide is turning, the public is becoming more informed and actively demanding to have competent research on the safety and efficacy of every vaccine, and parental rights to decide what goes into and stays out of our bodies. We can support physicians and research that honor scientific inquiry.

Sobering news. For many of us, the clear wake up call continues.



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