Yes! To Local Control and Local Decision Making!

Our grass roots opposition to the Northern Pass finally has a chance to weigh in on the consequences of the current Northern Pass plan. On NHPR’s EXCHANGE (7/10/17), Gov. Sununu said, “Let’s maintain local control and local decision making.”  He was referring to another town’s decisions, but here’s to equal rights for all towns in NH.

Perhaps the July 1 storm, which gutted roads the Northern Pass wants to bury the line under, could give Governor Sununu pause to realize that local citizens have valid reasons for burying the NP line down I93, where an intentionally designed median exists to house the underground line.

We all got a taste of the inconvenience of having commuter and school bus transportation roads torn up, detours and slow moving one-way traffic. Now, two weeks later, road crews continue with repairs just to make the roads passable. More time will be needed to finish the job.

Comment letters continue to arrive at the Site Evaluation Committee and appear on the SEC website: Local people continue to implore the Site Evaluation Committee to recognize the threat to the health and safety of Grafton County residents the current NP proposal promises.

Every season is unique here in NH and draws visitors from all over the world. They always comment on the sheer beauty of a drive through our state, through our little towns. Summer visitors love our attractions, the chance to fish, swim, hike, bike, kayak. They enjoy our waterfalls, and especially our trees and the fact that it is so much easier to breathe up here.

To appreciate what we have here, all it takes is a drive south or west of New England to be met with a network of power lines in place of trees, lots of intersecting superhighways, and congested roadways.

We need to stand up for this land, not just for ourselves and our livelihood, but for all the people who count on being able to come here to relax, re-energize and breathe.

Let Gov. Chris Sununu know your concerns at State House, 107 N. Main St., Concord, NH 03301.

Also the SEC, c/o Pamela Monroe, Administrator, 21 S. Fruit St., Suite 10, Concord, NH 03301 or email: Pamela


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