It’s All About Values

Events in Texas, Florida and the Islands make clear that we need to prepare for unexpected natural disasters. National responses to those disasters also demonstrate our basic need to ensure that we keep each other well. People are digging deep to help others recover.

At the same time, we need to step up to the plate and put our safeguards to health in place to ensure that our basic nutritional food, potable water, and energy needs will be met.

We continue to support local farmers so that we do have a choice to buy fresh produce, including much organically grown on well nourished soil. We are currently enjoying tomatoes, corn, greens, a variety of squashes and root vegetables. The better the soil, enriched by natural compost, the more energizing and flavorful the produce.

Regular testing of water assures us that our supply is safe to drink. Water lines, especially those that pass under roads to homes, need to be safeguarded against any construction interfering with the line, such as power lines, road excavation, changes in road use, paving, and more, whatever is needed to maintain safe transport of our water.

However, we have only begun to support new forms of locally generated energy such as solar, wind and other, yet to be discovered forms. We continue to be threatened by an electric power company that seeks to centralize electrical energy in our state from one source in Canada. Should Canada’s Hydro Power be cutoff, the whole state of NH would have no energy. Today’s promises do not equal tomorrow’s challenges.

New forms of independent, local energy need to be encouraged so that when disaster strikes, we are in a position to bail each other out, not stuck with a centralized energy system that leaves communities, even those not affected by the disaster, without power for weeks.

Do we value the freedom so espoused by our state: To Live Free? If we do, we need to accept the responsibility to empower diverse forms of local energy that will enable our children and grandchildren to also live free.



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