Welcome Spring!


The ice is gone and even some of the high peaks are doable with microspikes. Spring is a time of lightening up, getting out, touching the Earth, scratching Earth’s back so garden beds and lawns will flourish. All Earth people are called to get moving, stretch out, reach up, inhale deeply, and refresh ourselves. Even road walks bring in spectacular moments.

The trees wait in stillness to greet the day and whatever elements choose to visit. They accept birds, rain, snow, squirrels. Are trees sad when branches are laden with snow and ice or do they welcome an extra stretch, a winter wrap? Does wind move them more deeply into yogic stretches that leave them feeling vibrant? Do nesting birds fill their tree life with song and pockets of warmth?

My neighbors and I do not put out bird seed in hopes that flying squirrels will winter in the woods and not in our attics. There are plentiful worms and seeds now available as snow melts. The juncos have been here all winter, along with a few jays, but dawn now warms up with boisterous flocks of robins, jays, chickadees and nuthatches singing their frenzied oratorio of mating calls.

Do trees look forward to all the critter gatherings at their meeting place? Are trees like a pub, a place where critters share stories and worries? Is each leaf a little bellows or fan depending on what’s needed? Are trees lining streets encouraging us to walk there and breathe deeply?

Pheromones are chemical signals trees and plants give off that influence the behavior of kindred souls of their species. In their pheromone language, trees seem to express joy, sorrow, hope success, caution, love. They gather in family groups. Old folks form small gatherings; youngest bunch together in gaggles. What empowers them to make that choice? Hmm, spring is a time to wonder about all of nature’s connections.

For me, spring is a time when nature pulsates with song. Peepers, birds, chipmunks, running brooks and waterfalls, pelting rain, children’s voices excited over new life they are discovering everywhere, old voices happy to be able to walk about with no ice worries, bike wheels humming ……

Ah, yes! Time to tune up and sing with spring!


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