Northern Pass Plot Thickens

May 26, 2017

The Northern Pass current proposal threatens the health and safety of Grafton County residents. Claims that the proposal would be cheaper than burying the line down I93 are simply not true. Here are potential dangers to residents that the NP is trying to hide.

Many old homes on our state roads where NP plans to bury the line have stone foundations. These homes were built close to the road before cars came in. Drilling required for burying the line risks and probably guarantees shaking the stones loose and crumbling the foundations of those houses. People not only risk catastrophic damage to their homes but their very lives if they do not vacate the premises.

Many residents have water rights across the road from their homes as roads often intersected people’s property. Those rights will be threatened with contamination by the power line.

School bus routes will be held up and children’s safety threatened getting on and off their bus. Children will be spending more time on the bus driving up transportation costs.

Landscaping for homes along the route risks being destroyed. Homes close to the road would lose their apple trees, rhododendron and other established shrubs. Limits would be placed on residents’ use of their own land with a buried line they must avoid.

Costs for accident injuries, fatalities, home restoration, artesian wells, school transportation costs, clogged commuter and tourist routes, and unnecessary disruption of neighborhoods will cost the NP project more in legal fees they carefully avoid adding in to their estimates. NP does not care if their current plan costs more because their private corporation stands to make more money once their long range plan is in place to sting New Hampshire residents with an archaic, expensive energy network.

The Department of Energy Supplement to the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) advises that fully buried transmission lines could use the already disturbed median corridors in place, for example in I93. Those wide medians were designed for just such projects in the interests of the general public. The NP project has consistently refused to consider using I93.

If Eversource-Hydro Quebec cared about the people of New Hampshire, they would not be trying to impose such a destructive route on our citizens. Instead, they will continue to withhold actual costs of their project to the people of New Hampshire.

That is, UNLESS we New Hampshire citizens actively say, “NO to Northern Pass!”  Send your letter to the Site Evaluation Committee, c/o Pamela Monroe, Administrator, 21 S. Fruit St., Suite 10, Concord, NH 03301 or email:


Spring! Time for New Beginnings!

May 26, 2017

It’s Spring! Time to hike! The woods are alive with Painted Trillium, little Yellow Wood Violets, Wild Oats, Goldthread, and more!

While Fish and Game notes there have been almost as many rescues so far this year as for all of 2016, the good news is that more people are getting out and hiking. The physically fit are not the only ones on the trails. This spring, I am also meeting more of the not so physically fit on the trail, people who have decided to get out there and shape up! Their energy and delight in the forest is obvious and welcome!

To fully enjoy hiking, is an excellent website for information about hike planning, gear, hikes with kids, and hiker insurance. The first rule of thumb is to Carry Out What You Carry In. This includes orange peels, tissues, water bottles, etc. Our gift to the forest is that we Leave No Trace behind us.

The White Mountain Guide lists every trail in the White Mt. National Park, tells how to get to the trailhead, what you can expect on the trail terrain, the elevation gain, total mileage, and connecting links. This book with 4 maps is available in AMC Visitor centers,  book stores and State Park Visitor Centers. Many small trail guides for local areas are also available in book stores, general stores, the Rey center and specialty shops near the hiking area. Always ask.

Footgear needed depends on the hike. For well packed gravel trails like Smart’s Brook, the Flume Nature Walk, Lincoln Woods, or Mt. Agazziz, sneakers are fine.  A safer option for rocky trails and the granite slabs of higher elevations is a sturdy hiking boot with vibram sole that grips granite and gives support for awkward steps.

Best to start with short hikes on easy terrain. This gives you time to figure out what feels best for you, how much water and snacks you need, time to check out hiker information, perhaps join a local group, and gradually figure out what works best for you and your family.

Keep an eye out for Coltsfoot, the little yellow ray flower people often mistake for dandelion. This early bloomer puts up its flower first and the leaves that give it its name come later. You’ll find it along roadsides and gravelly places.

Wherever you find yourself, enjoy spring’s abundant welcome! May we each be inspired to honor and protect our forests, land and waters so that abundance will continue to flourish.

Northern Pass Ugly Truth Comes Out!

April 27, 2017

The ugly truth is that the Northern Pass proposal is a scam to benefit Eversource and Hydro Quebec, not to provide NH with clean, renewable energy. HQ energy under the current NP plan would come at great cost to the environment, to neighborhoods, home landscaping, home water lines crossing Route 3, and wetlands. Installation of the line would jeopardize businesses, people commuting from their homes, school buses and tourist travel as Route 3 and other roads were torn up. All so that Eversource would profit from the rent money for the line, not the people of NH.

The Department of Energy Supplement to the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) advises that fully buried transmission lines could use the already disturbed median corridors in place, for example in I93. Those wide medians were designed for just such projects in the interests of the general public. The NP project has consistently refused to consider using I93.

Richard Widhu of Nashua noted in a Letter to the Editor of the Union Leader on 4/25/17 that the 2015  EIS advised that burying the line along existing medians could also bring 3,766 more construction jobs and 544 more permanent jobs. Why on earth would the Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) even consider any other option if they responsibly served the people of NH?

Estimated cost would be 1 ½ times that proposed by the Northern Pass. However, considering all the blasting, well replacements, wood clearing costs, and law suits filed against NP to put up 135’ towers for the proposed above ground line and undergrounding through secondary roads, there will certainly be additional costs that magically appear at the end of the project if the current plan is approved.

We have to keep in mind Eversource’s masterplan as explained by president, Bill Quinlan, “The Northern Pass is just the first of many projects we have planned for NH.” Indeed, the Northern Pass is the North-South backbone of Eversource’s future projects. Other projects will utilize all that land HQ has bought up in the state and the big plan is to have several arms reaching out across the state East and West, a giant cobweb of power lines bisecting the NP line and utterly destroying the beauty, livelihood, health and harmony of our state.

With the Eversource/HQ plan, NH would lead the country in expanding an archaic energy transmission system and would be so submerged in what it cost that we would not have the resources to explore clean, renewable energy that SAVES the Earth and all life therein.

That is, UNLESS we New Hampshire citizens actively say, “NO to Northern Pass!”  Send your letter to the Site Evaluation Committee, c/o Pamela Monroe, Administrator, 21 S. Fruit St., Suite 10, Concord, NH 03301 or email:

Updating Perspectives on Vaccines

April 22, 2017

This month, “The Truth About Vaccines”, a series of seven videos on Youtube, continued the discussion begun in February to put the administration of vaccines in clearer perspective.

Historically, communicable disease was pretty much under control in the US following WWII for three reasons: better water with improved sanitation, better food supply, and improved living conditions. The polio epidemic was in tandem with our use of DDT and declined when DDT was banned.

The round of childhood diseases has been credited with building strong immune systems for the rest of our lives. Most of the diseases were not lethal and just meant children happily missed a few days of school while they acquired a strong immune system.

However, today the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) protocols include 46 doses of vaccine by the age of 5, 26 doses in the first 18 months, 69 doses from birth to age 18. This protocol is mandatory for entrance to schools and some forms of employment.

At issue today is the fact that the vaccines carry substances such as thymerisol (mercury), aluminum, formaldehyde, and other substances to stimulate an immune response. Many of these substances cross the blood brain barrier and result in neurogenitive diseases like autism, Lyme disease, bowel disease, ADHD, Shaken Baby Syndrome , vision and hearing problems, and more.

In 1986 congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA). Subsequently, pharmaceutical companies used scare tactics to convince the public that we were in for big epidemics if we didn’t vaccinate against potential threats. Pharmaceutical companies had been sued for years and threatened to stop making vaccines unless the government didn’t intervene. In 2011, the Supreme Court overturned that law (the only dissenters were Justices Ginsberg and Sotomayor). The Pharmaceutical companies can no longer be sued for vaccine caused injury.

The CDC owns over 50 patents to vaccines – a major conflict of interest when establishing protocols. Top officials in the CDC continually move to executive positions in pharmaceutical companies and back again to work at the CDC. Sounds a lot like the fox minding the henhouse.

What can we do to inform ourselves? There will be more video presentations as more physicians come forward with the results they are seeing in their practice and more research is finding ways to be published. Unfortunately, physicians risk losing their license to practice, researchers have difficulty getting their findings published, and both groups may lose teaching positions/livelihood.

However, the tide is turning, the public is becoming more informed and actively demanding to have competent research on the safety and efficacy of every vaccine, and parental rights to decide what goes into and stays out of our bodies. We can support physicians and research that honor scientific inquiry.

Beware NP, Hydro Quebec’s Way of Going

March 23, 2017

To understand reservations New Hampshire people have for Hydro Quebec/Eversource’s Northern Pass on our health, we need to know the story of Hydro Quebec’s takeover of Hydro power in Labrador at Churchill Falls. See “The Churchill Falls Contract and why Newfoundlanders can’t get over it” by James P. Feehan, Melvin Baker, 9/1/2010.

Here’s the history: Quebec was uncomfortable when Labrador’s water rights were established in 1927, and would not allow Labrador hydropower to be transmitted across Quebec territory to markets in Ontario or the US.

In 1958, the British Newfoundland Corp. (BRINCO) received extensive land and water rights to Newfoundland and Labrador and created the Hamilton Falls Power Co (HFPCo), later renamed Churchill Falls Labrador Corp. (CFLCo) as a federally incorporated subsidiary. The Shawinigan Engineering Co. bought a 20 percent interest.

In 1962, the Quebec government decided to nationalize all privately-owned electricity generating companies in the province. As a result, Shawingan Engineering’s 20 percent stake became the property of Hydro Quebec.  Later, HQ drew up a pivotal contract with CFLCo to snag Churchill Falls.

How? Here is the HQ 65 year Contract, agreed to through a corrupt political finesse in 1976 as follows:  From 1976-2016: CFLCo would sell to Hydro Quebec approximately 31 billion MWh/year for a period of 40 years. The price would be 3 mills (3 tenths of a cent) per KWh for the first 5 years, then decline to 2.5 mills for the last 15 years. At the end of 40 years, the contract would “automatically” be renewed for 25 years at 2 mills/KWh.

In 1974, the Quebec government purchased BRINCo’s  65.8  percent of shares. All attempts to renegotiate the contract’s terms failed as energy prices escalated in the 70s and CFLCo had increasing difficulty funding the CF generating station. Hydro Quebec turned a titanic profit on the deal.

2016-2041 – When the contract was renewed at 2 mills (2 tenths of a cent) per KWh for 25 more years, Hydro Quebec could resell its energy for 85 mills (8.5 cents) per KWh.

It does not take rocket science to recognize how HydroQuebec makes its money. Or how ruthless is its way of going within the province it shares with Newfoundland. Or how senseless NH would be to allow HQ to cross New Hampshire territory to markets in MA and NY.

The new HQ moneymaker would be to strap New Hampshire with the albatross of the Northern Pass and stifle further development of clean energy such as solar and yet to be developed other forms of bona fide renewable energy. New forms of energy could potentially save our forests, our culture, our watersheds, our wildlife, our tourist industry, our real estate, our lives.

Please read and consider the following link and mark your calendar:

Your Body’s Many Cries for Water

March 16, 2017

So goes the title of a rare book by F. Batmanghelidj, an Iranian born, British educated physician. Following medical school, he relocated to Iran to help establish hospitals and medical centers there.

In 1979, Dr. B. was imprisoned during the Iranian Revolution but managed to survive because the prison needed a doctor. One night, he was called to see a man with a peptic ulcer. He had no meds to treat the condition and told the man to drink two glasses of water and he would return later to check on him. When he did, to his amazement, the man’s condition was much improved. He continued to note the response to just water in other prisoners with other problems.

Dr. B. was released from prison in 1982, escaped from Iran, emigrated to the US, and set up a general practice. The full title of his book is, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water: You are not sick, you are thirsty! Don’t treat thirst with medications.

He attributed many common disease symptoms to dehydration as their root cause, and was careful to check that his clients were well hydrated before prescribing medications. He died in 2004, but his writings, while controversial, are still available on his website,

Health professionals today routinely encourage people to drink plenty of water. Medication needs water to be distributed throughout the body and keep all systems working well. Our food needs plenty of water to break it up so that it can pass through the wall of our intestines and on to the liver for distribution.

Despite the emphasis on carrying water everywhere we go today, many of us do not drink enough water. Coffee, tea, soda, and beer don’t count. They are dehydrators.

Over-the-counter meds, such as different forms of ibuprophen, taken excessively for chronic pain, can cause liver and kidney damage. If the kidneys’ can’t make enough urine, our bodies will retain too much water instead of using it.

How can we know we’re drinking enough water? What are the signs to be on the lookout for? Thirst is the last sign that we need water. Thirst is a reminder that we haven’t been paying attention to other body signals like pain of any kind, fatigue, dizziness, joint and muscle stiffness, difficulty remembering, following through on instructions, slow healing of injuries, and constipation, to name a few.

Today, potable water is threatened in the world, including the US. We need to provide all our citizens with a safe water supply, now threatened by a pipeline with a potential to contaminate Standing Rock’s supply. How we resolve this problem as a nation will determine water safety of other communities. Our actions today to save our water supply from pipelines and other potential contaminants and overuse, such as aquifers that are being drained due to poor agricultural practices.

What we can do is call or write our Senators and Representatives and urge them to veto harmful  legislation and support efforts to maintain a safe water supply for all our citizens. (http:/ , http:/ for contact info)

If you decide to check out the power of tap water (6-8 glasses a day), first be sure that your kidneys are making sufficient urine and increase the amount of tap water you drink slowly. Then, just observe the changes!


Trees Keep Talking. Are we listening?

March 16, 2017

Every life form on Earth speaks a language. Elephant-speak, Whale-speak, Cricket-speak, Beaver-speak …, you name it. All life forms are talking and we humans are getting a little better now at listening.

Peter Wohlleben, German forester/writer gives us a fascinating link to Tree-speak in his book, The Hidden Life of Trees. Wohlleben describes ways trees communicate with each other, how trees protect themselves from invading insects, lure insect predators to free them, and ensure a continuing replenishment of their families, their contribution to life on the planet. All in addition to supplying us with clean oxygen and recycling our carbon dioxide.

What an example of cooperation trees give us! Just as we log on and share our Internet, trees keep each other posted underground through their mycelium net, a fine fungal network that infinitely connects, signals, and nourishes all plant life. They do this via the web of soil fungi that connects and shares information and goods in what UBC Forest Ecology Professor, Susanne Simard calls the Wood Wide Web. You may remember her from the video a few years ago, “What do plants talk about?”

Above ground, in the 1/3 of the forest we can see, trees give off chemical warnings to other trees when invaders attack, whether animals or insects. Trees can smell chemical warnings from other trees. They can even taste the saliva of leaf eating insects and send out a chemical that attracts predators that feed on that particular leaf eating insect.

The mycelium web streams through the 2/3 of the forest below ground that we cannot see. Trees have symbiotic relationships with other trees. Douglas firs like to have birch trees in their community. Birch mycelium provide firs with carbon in summer when Douglas fir is in shade. In the fall, when birch trees lose their leaves, the fir sends its excess carbon to the birch trees. Exchanges go on with nitrogen and other nutrients as they are needed among neighboring trees and plants. Socially, trees will even nourish the stump of a felled tree by feeding it sugars and other nutrients, keeping it alive.

When we think about expanding our energy resources, we need to keep this vital Wood Wide Web in mind. Currently in NH, our Wood Wide Web is being threatened by the Northern Pass Project which plans to disturb this web with either massive tower cement foundations 35’ deep in our NH forest and/or a deep trench disturbing the web alongside secondary roadways, uprooting trees and home plantings, blocking up commuters, school buses, disturbing water supplies with no consideration for the web. In addition, NP plans to build 500 miles of access roads through our forest.

Planners for Route 93 anticipated such needs when the road was built, hence the wide median which could accommodate future energy and transportation needs without disturbing our forests and neighborhoods. However, as we learn more about the 2/3 underground that provides a goldmine of nourishment, we need to be ever more creative in providing clean forms of energy such as solar and as yet undiscovered forms of energy that leave forests intact.

Time to be wary of Big Hydro. Ontario Hydro now has the highest energy rates in North America. Toronto pays 17.81 cents/kWh.  Ottawa pays 16.5 cents/kWh. Big Hydro is not cheap energy, much less environmentally clean. Quebec citizens are currently protesting HQ’s plan to destroy more of Quebec’s forest land to bury a pipeline to NH.




Vaccines Revisited

January 26, 2017

This month, “Vaccines Revealed”, a series of nine videos on Youtube, unravels the damage done by promoting, and even demanding as a requirement to attend school, that our children succumb to potentially life challenging or lethal vaccines.

Most researchers and physicians who presented had no problem with the vaccines themselves. The problem lies with the medium in which they are preserved. Pharmaceutical companies find it cheaper to put the vaccines in mediums containing thimerosol (mercury) and/or aluminum which cause brain damage and are responsible for the dramatic rise of autism in our children. Safer, more expensive vaccine mediums are available but one must know enough to ask for them.

General consensus was that vaccines are potentially healthy but they need to be given one at a time, they must not contain aluminum or mercury, and they must not be given too early. Researchers and physicians cited newborns receiving their first vaccine before they left the hospital. It appears that the practice of giving too many at a time and at too young an age, is what has fed autism rates.

In 1989, the schedule for administering vaccines changed. Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine MMR (3 in one) was introduced and we began to see the rise in children with autism. Physicians who questioned the schedule were categorically considered quacks. Many lost their license to practice or their teaching positions.

In the 1950s, one in 1000 children came down with autism in the U.S. By 2000, the ratio was 1:250. By 2014, the ratio was 1: 68. By 2032, if the rise continues, 1:2 children born will be autistic, including every male child born.

The presenters also drew a link between vaccines and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS). Parents are often blamed rather than the recently given vaccine.

Also interesting was the possible link between Chickenpox vaccine and the rising incidence of Shingles in adults. Formerly, when children contracted chickenpox naturally (a benign disease), they also provided adults around them with a natural booster of chickenpox and protection against shingles. Without the natural exposure, adults become vulnerable to Shingles, a more serious disease.

Frequently cited was the fact that in the years before vaccines were introduced, people woke up to the effects that general hygiene, water sanitation, sanitized food handling, etc., that had reduced disease before vaccines were even produced. So, there is question as to how much vaccines have eliminated and how much illness and death they have caused.

Because controlled, peer reviewed studies have been suppressed; only recently have they begun to be revealed. More studies of Amish children and Home Schooled children who have not received a battery of vaccines need to be encouraged and made openly available to the public.

Sobering news. For many of us, this is a clear wake up call.

Pogo Had It Right!

January 26, 2017

Kurt Vonnegut was a WWII POW in Dresden when US bombs destroyed that beautiful city. He survived the bombing. When he came home, he spent the rest of his life proclaiming to us through his writing: “You’ve got to be kind!”

While it is tempting to find someone to blame for the fear that has gripped the US, I think Walt Kelly’s Pogo had it right: “We have found the enemy and he is us!”

The good news is that all over the US, people are coming together to figure out what we must do to even survive on planet Earth, and be happy in the process. Surveys that document how happy people treat each other are clear on what makes people happier. The overriding concern is that everyone in their country gets a fair share: enough to eat, a roof over their heads, health care, education, and a healthy environment to live in.

It is not that we don’t know what to do. We just do not do it. While the inability to share has been blamed for our dilemma, the root is our avoidance of simple kindness to each other, to everyone.

When we look at all the overlap of the great religions, they seem to be saying the same thing, just in ways that their particular constituents can grasp. Christians have “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” Buddhists have “If you can’t say something in a way that the other person feels loved, don’t say it.”  Muslims’ Quiran says you should be living not for your own contentment but for God’s contentment with you.  Modern Jews recognize that every religious discipline contributes some insight or value that others cannot grasp. Bottom line is that we’re all in this quest for life together.

And we seem to have been collectively flunking together, and letting down many species of the Earth that need our collective support. The new wave of small groups waking up may well stimulate us to look at our own individual behavior and clean up our acts. What would happen if we each started listening carefully to each other, each started watching the way we speak to each other and the way we speak about others.

Maybe Pogo had it right! Maybe we just need to figure out how to be kind to each other. Research tells us that happy people are healthier. What might it be like to experience happiness spreading out over our families, towns, states, countries, and over the entire world?  It all begins with each of us and it’s all possible IF….

May this be our Happiest New Year ever!

Holiday Feasting Needs Joyful Exercise!

December 15, 2016

Most of us dive into all the sweet treats our favorite people guarantee they will make for the holidays. Yet, our bodies only need a modest amount of sugar, found naturally in fruits and vegetables.

The problem is that the liver converts added sugar into fat and stores it all over the body as a backup fuel for future energy calls unless…. we burn up that extra energy before it has a chance to be stored where we don’t want it.

The hormone, leptin, takes our appetite away when our fat index jumps. However, leptin has no upper limit on fat intake. Actually, when we binge over the holidays, leptin will just see that we keep our fat index as high as we have binged. That index becomes the new normal for leptin and the reason why we pay dues for every binge, unless…. we get creative.

Holiday shopping is a great opportunity. Park well away from the store, theater, or mall entrance and guarantee yourself a good, brisk walk to and from the car. We make better choices when our circulation flushes our whole system and keeps our minds clear while we cash in on surplus energy.

Brisk walks, daily when possible, keep everything moving smoothly. Include a hill and enjoy the benefits of a good sweat to energize your whole system. Enjoy walks, skiing, skating, dancing, or action games while visiting. Is there a park, golf course, woods or field walk near you? Let your joints move, and you will sleep well at night.

Check out wheelchair-freed people. They are the people who use their wheelchairs to go wherever they need to go. I see them slipping in and out of their cars’ driver seats, out doing errands, or heading for work, skiing on ski-chairs or sit-skis. They have strong arms, erect spines, and sharp intellects from years of figuring out new ways to move around smoothly and energetically. In short, they are keeping everything that still moves moving! And they enjoy radiant health.

Check out folks with artificial limbs who figure out ingenious ways to get around and keep themselves maintaining eye contact, standing tall, energized, and in shape. Their persistence and stamina make them inspiring role models for us all.

Better yet, notice what types of exercise leave you feeling refreshed, and indulge yourself!

May this Holiday Season be a happy and energizing one for us all!