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Chew Before You Swallow

August 31, 2012

So many things are happening at once. Hydro Quebec is again bullying New Hampshire. This time, citizens will have to raise $2.5 million by October 31 to stop them. HQ seems to have endless millions to spend on its marketing campaign to push high voltage above ground power lines through New Hampshire but not one cent to bury the lines.

 While all this has the north country in particular riled up, wind farms are being installed as a form of clean, renewable energy. What we need to be awake to from a health perspective is that energy generated by the wind towers has to be carried (transmitted) from those towers and then distributed to our communities via power lines. The wind operations grid has a huge spider web of distribution lines planned to circle and criss-cross New Hampshire. Those lines can be buried; they do not have to be above ground.

 Chew on this: Gated communities and upscale developments in the state have buried their lines for years. Burying power lines is quite doable in New Hampshire. The issue Hydro Quebec has is that if power lines are buried down existing highways, the state of New Hampshire (that’s us, the public) would receive their rent money for the project. If the power is added to PSNH lines, that rent money would make a nice private bundle for their collaborators, PSNH investors, in addition to destroying forest land, threatening school playgrounds with high voltage stimulated health problems, gutting real estate values, ruining tourism, etc. That sounds like a pretty indigestible arrangement to me. 

Maine already has a law in place requiring new power lines to be buried. Upgrades are considered new lines. Our legislature is currently considering such a law for New Hampshire. The NH Dept. of Transportation has already advised the legislature that lines can be buried, lest we be sidetracked by NorthernPass rhetoric.

 In NH, we will continue to come up with more forms of clean, renewable energy. In whatever form, energy must go through three important steps: energy must be generated (Step 1), then transmitted (Step 2) and finally, distributed by either above ground or buried power lines (Step 3).  Now is the time to put the law in place to bury all new power lines, including upgrades. Such a law will avoid future health hassles for the distribution of whatever clean, renewable energy is developed.

 Chew on this before you swallow new above ground power lines. If you elect not to swallow this new above ground grid: Contact your legislators and urge them to enact a NH law to bury power lines. Legislator contact info can be found at

If you want to help stop HQ’s latest Northern Pass bullying attempt, send your contribution to Society for the Protection of NH Forests, 54 Portsmouth St, Concord, NH 03301; or on line at; or call 603-224-9945 and ask for Suzanne Kibler-Hacker at the Forest Society. Every contribution helps meet the goal by Oct. 31.